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Nations Under Fire
+174| -0
Nations Under Fire is a free persistent browser based nation simulation game that allows the player to role play as the ruler of a nation and govern its political, economical and military affairs in an effort to become the most powerful nation in the game. This goal is accomplished by constructing b
Criminal Wars
+284| -0
Criminal Wars is an online mafia role-playing game.
O Big Bang - Chronicles of Omb
+165| -0
Be a soul-star, grow your karma and become one of the eight Ombrance\'s chosen ! Game in beta. To get an invitation code, mail us at :beta (dot) obigbang (at) entreloup (dot) com
Foosball Manager
+296| -0
With Foosball Manager youll have to build up your career on the foosball field, through the pitfalls of amateur tournaments to the official championships
Net Fighters
+275| -0
Net Fighters is a free multiplayer online turn-based tactical RPG / fighting browser game with 2D side-view battles and anime theme.
Zombie Pandemic
+39| -1
Zombie Pandemicis a free browser based MMORPG. You are a survivor trapped in a city with the walking dead roaming the streets and will need to fight for your survival. The game features enriched RPG elements, 200 missions, advanced combat, perks and an inventory with hundreds of weapons to battle th
+35| -0
Hunt food, smith weapons, and prepare for battle! Can you stop the Evil Que from taking over the entire game? Browser based multi-player fantasy role-playing game that requires no downloads or plug-ins! Free to play forever!
Knight\'s Honor
+143| -0
Strategic Role Play Game in the Dark Ages.
+128| -0
Megalomania is a free online text based strategy game and is completely browser based. You take control of a basic country and using military, diplomacy, trade and research gain power to become a superpower. Lead your people from the Stone Age to the Space Age and eventually colonize new worlds.
The Virtual Company Project
+71| -0
The Virtual Company Project is an online economic simulator whereas players start and run a company alongside a fully functioning stock exchange in a virtual New Zealand. Players companies interact with each other, and even the upgrades for your companies are made by other human players!
Irys Wars
+24| -0
Irys Wars is an Online Persistant Strategy Browser Game that features animated wars, villages, population control, soldier customization, alliances, treasure collection and more.
Terra Bellica
+23| -0
Terra Bellica is a browser based political and military strategy game
+23| -0
Explore an unknown galaxy. Gather resources, build up strong fleets, form strong alliances and beat your opponents.
FutureRP - Futuristic Browser-based MMORPG
+22| -0
Set in the future, you create your own character, fight, explore, wage wars! There are many weapons, shields, and rare artefacts to find! You can trade your supplies with other players, and collect complete item sets for bonus power! Create guilds of like-minded players and perform raids!
+119| -0
New free medieval browser MMORPG. Total character customization, guild wars, tournaments, quests, chat, party system. Skill based game, without levels, like Ultima Online. Try it now!
+118| -0
Mono-District is a FREE online text based RPG. Do you have what it takes become the best? Work yourself up to the top. Educate yourself, scavenge and find things. Go gym become strong, make money and buy weapons. Destroy your opponent, make them respect you and get respected by all. If you rule the
+153| -0
Free Multiplayer HTML5 game where you draw, customize and battle bots, while taking over cities around the world.
Ars Regendi
+135| -0
Political online game and economic simulation
Most Hated Wars
+15| -1
You live your life as a mobster. Join a gang or start your own up. Do crimes, fight and be the best and the strongest. If you think you can handle the world of mobsters and survive in this crazy world, join up for free and have fun
Galactic Oddessy
+115| -0
Galactic Oddessy is a totally Free Multi-player Community based Strategy Game set in Space. Signup and Create a Kingdom and battle other online players to be the best. No Plugins, No Downloads and No Subscriptions, not even Ad Banners to spoil your Galactic Experience. So what you waiting for? Creat
Devana (Arnaria Edition)
+115| -0
Welcome to Devana a free to play game. You will create your own cities, alliances, armies and foes in this everlasting battleground.
ArchBattle Mobile
+40| -0
Free Mobile Browser Based Multiplayer Strategy Game. Battle your enemies and expand your empire, train citizens to gather resources and build structures, forge items to equip your army.
ImperialUniverse - Hydrobius
+140| -0
Build up your empire, raid your enemies, colonize planets, create alliances with other players, battle other alliances, and much more!
Warriors Of The Universe
+21| -0
Warriors of the Universe are FTP (free to play) text-based RPG multiplayer web browser game. There is three playable races, each with different ships, weapons, shields and other equipments. Six different types of missions are currently available in game and three combat systems, such as PvP – sin
+57| -0
In this new and free browsergame you will walk in the footsteps of a crimial. With Facebook-Login. NO RESET, NO ROUNDS!