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MagicDuel Adventure
+24.2k| -1
Uniquely deep multiplayer experience, role-playing and adventure at its best. Create your own role and give others missions to solve. So much more than a game.
Dragon\'s Call
+14.8k| -2
Dragon Call is the title of the latest fantasy-themed browser based MMO developed by EverDream Studio.Free to play and No client download needed.
Forgotten Elements
+445| -3
Choose from among three character classes and dive into the world of Forgotten Elements, an Online Action RPG! 100 % free and unique!
World of Nyrris
+375| -0
Welcome to World of Nyrris! In this game players must create a character,level up and fight for supremacy. Features: Player owned Guilds with special ranks and researches. Many quests (including special chain quests). Arena fighting system that allows players to rise through ranks by gaining hon
Dragon's Call
+294| -0
Lekool is a US based Browser and Social Game developer & Publishers, Our sole aim is to provide best gaming experience to everyone.
+214| -0
Illyriad is a free-to-play, real-time, browser-based Massively-Multiplayer fantasy strategy game.
Nations Under Fire
+174| -0
Nations Under Fire is a free persistent browser based nation simulation game that allows the player to role play as the ruler of a nation and govern its political, economical and military affairs in an effort to become the most powerful nation in the game. This goal is accomplished by constructing b
O Big Bang - Chronicles of Omb
+165| -0
Be a soul-star, grow your karma and become one of the eight Ombrance\'s chosen ! Game in beta. To get an invitation code, mail us at :beta (dot) obigbang (at) entreloup (dot) com
Zombie Pandemic
+39| -1
Zombie Pandemicis a free browser based MMORPG. You are a survivor trapped in a city with the walking dead roaming the streets and will need to fight for your survival. The game features enriched RPG elements, 200 missions, advanced combat, perks and an inventory with hundreds of weapons to battle th
+35| -0
Hunt food, smith weapons, and prepare for battle! Can you stop the Evil Que from taking over the entire game? Browser based multi-player fantasy role-playing game that requires no downloads or plug-ins! Free to play forever!
Terra Bellica
+23| -0
Terra Bellica is a browser based political and military strategy game
+153| -0
Free Multiplayer HTML5 game where you draw, customize and battle bots, while taking over cities around the world.
ArchBattle Mobile
+40| -0
Free Mobile Browser Based Multiplayer Strategy Game. Battle your enemies and expand your empire, train citizens to gather resources and build structures, forge items to equip your army.
Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
+105| -1
Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is a free-to-play, award winning fantasy browser-based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) anyone can play without any extra installation hassle!
Einherjar - The Viking's Blood
+10| -0
Einherjar is an all Japanese webgame combining turn-based tactic and RPG elements.
Lord Of Chains
+10| -0
Lord Of Chains is a new text-based massive online adventure game.
the devlings
+0| -0
This is a free browser game where you play with the little devils hidden in your life. You can find them in traffic, at the bank, or in your government. The deal is to gather them all and clean the country of theese little beings that make things go bad.