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World of Bleach RPG
+25k| -31
World of Bleach RPG is an MMORPG inspired by the populer anime/manga Bleach. Make your choice: Shinigami, or Hollow, and fight for the honor of your race and squad.
Corrado-Game -- Ogame private
+938| -0
Conquer the universe with Pride Sharpen your skills playing in this High Speed Ogame-style server with 1000+ players. New Skin/Rapid Harvest/DM rewards for Achievements and Voting/Edit Planet/Resource Banking.3 different games to play. Fly with the Best-Deny the rest
World of the Living Dead
+383| -0
World of the Living Dead is a free massively-multiplayer zombie game which features strategy gameplay and life or death resource management in a huge game universe.
Dead Earth
+337| -0
Play as a corporation trying to control the asteroid belt one hundred years in the future. Research tech, upgrade your bases and lots more!
+128| -0
Megalomania is a free online text based strategy game and is completely browser based. You take control of a basic country and using military, diplomacy, trade and research gain power to become a superpower. Lead your people from the Stone Age to the Space Age and eventually colonize new worlds.
+23| -0
Explore an unknown galaxy. Gather resources, build up strong fleets, form strong alliances and beat your opponents.
FutureRP - Futuristic Browser-based MMORPG
+22| -0
Set in the future, you create your own character, fight, explore, wage wars! There are many weapons, shields, and rare artefacts to find! You can trade your supplies with other players, and collect complete item sets for bonus power! Create guilds of like-minded players and perform raids!
Galactic Oddessy
+115| -0
Galactic Oddessy is a totally Free Multi-player Community based Strategy Game set in Space. Signup and Create a Kingdom and battle other online players to be the best. No Plugins, No Downloads and No Subscriptions, not even Ad Banners to spoil your Galactic Experience. So what you waiting for? Creat
ImperialUniverse - Hydrobius
+140| -0
Build up your empire, raid your enemies, colonize planets, create alliances with other players, battle other alliances, and much more!
Many Suns Mobile
+16| -0
Free Mobile Web Browser Based Space Strategy MPOG. Galaxy wide exploration and combat.
Radiated Wasteland
+6| -0
The World has been set in flames. You are one of the few survivors left who must fight to survive the challenges of post-apocalyptic world fighting against fierce mutants and merciless raiders in this massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG)
+5| -0
Eraversum is a modern strategic online web browser game set uniquely on the boundary between science – fiction and fantasy within the mysterious and unexplored Milky Way galaxy of the future.
+5| -0
Fight against other pilots or AI in realtime 3D directly in your browser! In Xatrium, you've got your own Mech fleet that you can improve individually, by using PowerUps.
Time of Conquest
+2| -0
MMO space strategy
HEROES BATTLE - Super heroes b
+20| -0
Heroes Battle is a free browser game of super-heroes and super-villains. You may choose to destroy the world or to save innocents citizens, customize your avatar with unique costumes. Becoming the mightiest and most popular. Fight the crime, respect the order and justice, or bring chaos to the world
+10| -0
Starrepublik is an open world where every citizen can start political, economical or military career and become a ceo of giant corporation, military ace, great politician or prosperous journalist. Country with the best cooperation will be dominate!
Warring Factions
+100| -0
A notoriously addictive free real-time complex strategy game played in a browser.